Pro Power RankingLast Update - 25 mars 2019 at 19:13
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11Edmonton Oilers53910005326
22Vancouver Canucks47820004118
33Chicago Black Hawks44800114123
44Los Angeles Kings32620113927
55Tamba Bay Lightning24720012926
66Columbus Blue Jackets19550002925
77Winnipeg Jets18640003736
88New-York Rangers18550003734
99Philadelphia Flyers17550003432
1010Anaheim Ducks16550003433
1111Pittsburgh Penguins15540012930
1212Montreal Canadiens14540013234
1313Colorado Avalanches8460003236
1414Florida Panthers8450013136
1515Toronto Maple Leafs7460003135
1616Washington Capitals6550002735
1717Dallas Stars6450013036
1818Phoenix Coyotes5450013037
1919Detroit Red Wings0360012333
2020Nashville Predators-6370002438
2121St Louis Blues-7280002437
2222San Jose Sharks-14270012748